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I Specialise in...

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Helping executives improve
leadership, communication and decision-making skills, supporting them in managing change, transition and growth.

Key question: How can I be a better leader?

Mentor Coaching & Training

For any coach who wants to develop their skills, gain their credential or refresh their perspective. For example, I mentor coaches at places like Henley Business School and the Association of Executive Coaches.

Key question: How do I become a better coach?

Career Coaching

Helping with career development and transition, identifying goals and ways to move forward.

Key question: How can I feel more fulfilled?

Team Coaching

Working with teams to improve collective performance and achieve common goals.

Key question: How can we work better together?

Coaching Supervision

Creating a ‘Sandpit in which to play, rather than a courtroom in which to judge’ (Shohet).
Supporting you to deepen your reflective practice in order to expand awareness, generate ideas for how to best support your clients, develop and become more masterful as a coach.

Key question: How can I be the best coach possible for my clients?

Masterclasses, Workshops & Development Programmes

Masterclasses, workshops and programmes for any individuals or organisations who want to develop their leaders or employees around leadership or skills development.

I deliver these to companies like The Institute of Leadership and Management, The Guardian, Acast and The Taylor Bennet Foundation.

Key question: How do we develop our leaders and talent?